About Mediocre Amateur

Mediocre Amateur is a video series centered around the outdoor adventures of Danny Bryson. Adventures are often endurance and elevation oriented, with episodes centered on summiting high mountains or traversing a 20+ mile route. The amateurs exercise several modes of movement, including running, skiing, hiking, canyoneering, biking, and paddleboarding. Most of the episodes take place in the western United States, particularly in Utah and the Rockies. Danny brings a fluctuating cohort of friends (Blake, Matt, Aaron, Christof) along on adventures.

Contrary to their self-titling, the "Amateurs" are quite experienced & fit. Most mountains are summited in a single day, and some episodes feature 24+ hour runs. Members of the crew have technical knowledge in mountaineering (glacier travel, avalanche conditions, climbing and rappels). They even fly into some destinations on a private helicopter... very amateur indeed!

Contrary to the series name, the venues, videography, and narration are well beyond "Mediocre". Key stylistic elements of the series include:

About this site

Prior to Mediocre Amateur, I was only vaguely familiar with the geography and terrain of the western states. The parks and wildlife areas featured in the series inspired me to build my own adventures, and having a good map is critical to planning an adventure! YouTube channel layouts aren't amenable to geographic display, so I put together this site.

The front page is plainly styled. Click on map point to view an adventure; a marker will pop up with the title, description, and links to a video and GPS track.

This project is open source (MIT licensed) with code available on Github. Code contributions are welcome in the form of pull requests, and any suggestions or issues with site functionality and content can be filed as an issue.

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